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The easiest form to write a five paragraph essay is to stick to main instructions and requirements. Lots of students think that to be a good writer presupposes you to have only a writing talent. However, composing an A-grade essay requires a solid practice, reliable sources and deep research. It really isn’t about your talent. It is about following main rules and instructions, tricks and tips that can help you to produce a powerful paper within a deadline.

Secrets of Powerful Essay Writing

  • Time management. Good time organization skills will help you to group all your arguments effectively and organize all evidence. With writing schedule you will outline, draft, write and edit your essays quickly and effectively.

  • Writing enthusiasm. Find a way to enjoy you writing process. Think what is interesting about the chosen topic? Find a way to stay motivated about it.

  • Organization. Organization is another important aspect and imperative skill. Use maps, outlines to properly group your ideas and evidence.
  • Proofreading and editing your paper. Powerful essays do not get powerful unless you spend some time of editing. If possible, you may consult with someone who has academic writing experience, this will surely help you to avoid lexical and grammar mistakes.

Type my essay | Secrets of Powerful Essay Writing

Essay Writing Steps

Establish your theme. If you will be asked to find your topic on your own, it is better to give yourself plenty of time to properly think what will be interesting for you, this will help you to stay motivated.

Make sure that your topic is narrow enough, remember that you have a limited number of pages. A narrow focus is a great chance to write a catching paper and produce an interesting research. Brainstorm and organize all your thoughts and ideas concerning the subject. Your writing has to be specific but short. Avoid repetition of ideas.

Once you have done some brainstorming, you are ready to start writing the first draft. No matter what type of paper you are writing, it will surely consist of: introduction, main part and conclusion.

Essay Introduction

Any introduction aims to present your topic to the reader. Usually it begins with a general statement and ends with more specific fact or idea. A strong introduction includes a thesis statement. With the help of your intro, you will let the audience know what your theme is and show your viewpoint.

The main part consists of a number of paragraphs where you present strong arguments and ideas supported with a clear evidence. Each paragraph should be limited to one separate idea. Try to prove your ideas with appropriate examples. To have a smooth flow from your paragraphs, use transition words.

Type My Essay

The last paragraph of your paper is conclusion, where all ideas presented in the work are summarized. Do not provide new information is this section.

Once the essay is written, you are recommended to set aside the draft for some time before editing. It will help you to look more objectively on your work.

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